The “Bambino Gesù of Cairo Association” seeks to promote social solidarity by providing social and medical assistance, especially to pregnant women and abandoned children or children coming from poor families.

The realization constructing and management of the two projects: “Oasis of Pietà” Orphanage and “Bambino Gesù Women’s and Children’s Hospital” located in the “New Administrative Capital of Cairo” (Egypt).




25 April 2020


The legal headquarters of the Association is in Latina, at the Parish of Saint Domitilla, in Viale Giorgio de Chirico, 7.


The association is non-partisan and non-profit; it seeks exclusively to foster social solidarity, both in Italy and abroad, by promoting and supporting:

•  scientific research activity in the medical and healthcare field;

•  social and medical assistance, especially to pregnant women and abandoned children or children from poor families;

•  health care;

•  education.

In this regard, the Association also intends to carry out its charitably activities, both in Italy and abroad, by the payment of cash without charge, or by acquiring goods and services to be freely given or by direct payment for them, using the resources coming from its proceeds or specific donations. Its charitable activities include:

- creation and support of orphanages, pediatric hospitals, schools, shelters for minors, pregnant women and women who have recently given birth and provision of various kinds of assistance in their favor;

- use of donations and the free distribution of basic necessities (clothing, blankets, food, medicine, etc.) aimed at alleviating the conditions of poverty of the aforementioned categories of people and their families;

- construction of schools, particularly in villages and communities that do not have them, as well as the improvement of school buildings, where they already exist;

- construction and refurbishing of dispensaries and hospitals;

- development of technologies for harnessing natural resources (water, wind, sun) with the utmost respect for the environment, in order to improve the economic and living conditions of communities and villages.

To pursue its aims of social solidarity, the Association can make charitable donations (in cash or in kind) to other non-profit associations that have a registered office both in Italy and abroad which carry out the same activities and are not contrary to the social doctrine of the Catholic Church, if the members of these associations and their bodies have the required integrity and act in compliance with the law.

The Association promotes the spread of its activities through the distribution of illustrative material, communication through various media and the promotion of conferences, meetings and study seminars.

The services performed in carrying out the Association’s activity are never on behalf of its own members.

It is expressly forbidden to carry out activities other than those provided for in this policy, with the exception of those directly related to institutional activity as well as those that are instrumental and accessory to such activity. All the Association’s activities may be carried out in collaboration with other associations, agencies, foundations, NGOs, public entities, United Nations bodies and their agencies, companies and professional firms.

As part of the aforementioned institutional purposes, the Association supports, as its first initiative, the realization and management of “Oasis of Pietà” Orphanage and “Bambino Gesù Women’s and Children’s Hospital”, located in the “New Administrative Capital of Cairo” (Egypt).

To achieve this goal, it can perform all financial securities and real estate operations that will be deemed useful or necessary. The distribution, even indirectly, of profits, operating surpluses, capital, reserves and funds to associates and members of corporate bodies is prohibited, without prejudice to the exceptions provided for by the ONLUS legislation. In particular, any form of indirect distribution of profits or operating surpluses is also prohibited, as defined by the ONLUS legislation. The Association uses profits and operating surpluses exclusively for the realization of its institutional activities and those directly connected to it.


The number of those who can join is unlimited.

Anyone can join the Association, as long as they are of good moral and civil conduct and are sincerely and objectively willing to work for the achievement of the Association’s visions.


All members are required to observe the statute and the instructions given by the board of directors for the achievement of the purposes that the institution proposes, actively participating in its life.


The organs of the Association are:

a) the assembly of members;

b) the Board of Directors;

c) the President, the Vice-President and the honorary President, if appointed;

d) the Board of Auditors.


The Association’s patrimony is indivisible and consists of:

a) movable and immovable goods owned by the Association;

b) different contributions, disbursements and bequests as well as contributions and funding from the European Union or other supranational institutions;

c) membership dues;

d) donations and subsidies from individuals and private and public entities;

e) income deriving from the performance of social activities.

The membership fee is not transferable, except for succession due to death and cannot be revalued.


The fiscal year runs from 1 January to 31 December every year.


The Association prepares an annual economic report.



The mission of the Bambino Gesù of Cairo Association is relating to the human social, educational, health, and spiritual inclusion of the people we accompany is pursued through the following areas of attention:

a. The completion of the construction of the Oasi della Pietà Orphanage

b. The construction of the Bambino Gesù Hospital in Cairo

c. The commitment to study and investigate the issue of adopting children in Italy

d. The social and economic commitment to support families and disadvantaged people in Italy and abroad.

All this to continue to feed the collective responsibility and participation of the members and friends of the Association, transforming the noble intentions and high intentions into concrete and tangible actions.



The Association carries out its projects through the following activities:

•  Collaborating with the Parishes in the animation simulation of charity and in the duty to translate it into concrete interventions;

•  Involving people and volunteers who wish to help others and offer children in need a real opportunity.

• Collaborate with the Coptic Catholic Church;

• Raising funds for the implementation of projects currently active in Egypt (for example with the "Dona Una Formella" initiative);

• It is the spokesperson for the verb "to give" for good works that see children as protagonists, the most fragile, involved in every part of the world;

• Collaborating with the main organizations in the world of volunteering.


1. Support the achievement of the two main objectives:

a. Complete the construction of the "Oasi della Pietà" Orphanage

b. Start work on the "Bambino Gesù del Cairo" pediatric hospital.

2. Ensure a cordial relationship with all members by providing them with any updates on the work and activities of the association.

3. Guarantee at least one annual interview with all members, pandemic health situation permitting.

4. Strengthen the image and credibility of the Association on Italian territory by offering concrete services to the population where possible and when there is a need.


The Oasis of Pietà and the Bambino Gesù Hospital in Cairo have the primary purpose of making human solidarity, cooperation, as well as the love due to every girl and boy live concretely.

a. the construction of the "Oasi della Pietà" Orphanage

b. the construction of the "Bambino Gesù del Cairo" pediatric hospital.