The Association Bambino Gesù of Cairo was born in 2020 from the womb of the Document on Human Fraternity with the primary purpose of concretely living human solidarity, cooperation, as well as the love to every child . The Association is committed to construct the "Oasi della Pietà" Orphanage and the "Bambino Gesù del Cairo" Pediatric Hospital in the New Administrative Capital of Cairo to provide home, opportunities, future, medical care, education, instruction, social and spiritual assistance to all those who need it without any discrimination.


We serve others by inspiring, facilitating, coaching, and providing advice, with a focus on safeguarding minors and children from the risks of violence, child labor, abuse, isolation, and abandonment.


We believe we must rescue anyone who is in need to express brotherhood not in words but in concrete actions


The human values of fraternity are both a message of goodwill and daily practices. We are committed to assisting people see how the values of human fraternity might shape what they do and how they do it.


The Family of the Association believes in the duty to turn on the light instead of complaining the darkness, to help others instead of just criticizing injustices and encouraging everyone to share the same vision.