Donate a tile to the construction of the "Oasi della Pietà" orphanage.

All the names of the benefactors will form the mosaic of the logo of our Association.

On the numbered tile you can engrave either your name or of a person beloved to you. Your tile will contribute to change the life of an orphan and offers him a home.

Your tile will remain forever as a witness, as a testament for those who will come after us, because thanks to your generosity and the generosity of many other supporters, we can give hope to the story of many girls and boys, welcoming them into our new home where they can grow healthily and receive education, instruction, care and protection.

Spread this initiative with the "word-of-mouth of solidarity".

Do not hesitate, do not delay and do not postpone because only together can we "fill" their life with love and a bright future!

As a sign of gratitude, you will receive a certificate together with a brochure and a tile with the logo engraved.

Remember: A tile is forever!


White:             Donation of 100 Euros            

Blue:             Donation of 150 Euros            

Gold:             Donation of 200 Euros            

This mosaic will be placed in the entrance of the Orphanage to the right of the authentic copy of the Statue of the Pietà by Michelangelo, that His Holiness Pope Francis kindly destined for this project in 2019. The name “Oasi della Pietà” and the logo of our Association were inspired by this precious gift.