Agreement between Bambino Gesù of Rome and Human Fraternity Foundation in Egypt


Rome, September 16, 2022

A Collaboration Agreement between the Italian Bambino Gesù of Cairo Association and the Human Fraternity Foundation regarding the new B


Rome, September 16, 2022

A Collaboration Agreement between the Italian Bambino Gesù of Cairo Association and the Human Fraternity Foundation regarding the new Bambino Gesù hospital in Cairo was signed today at the headquarters of the Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital in Rome. The agreement crowns the fruitful cooperation started in 2019 with the formation of a Committee chaired by Prof. Mariella Enoc, President of Bambino Gesù and with the participation of Dr. Massimiliano Raponi, Health Director, Mr. Sandro Cristaldi, Head of External Relations, Communication, and Marketing, Msgr. Yoannis Gaid, former Personal Secretary of Pope Francis and President of Human Fraternity Foundation, and other doctors and engineers to study and prepare the Executive Project of the new hospital in Cairo.

H.E. Mr. Mahmoud Talaat, Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to the Holy See, was present at the signing of the Agreement as a reflection of Egypt's interest in the Bambino Gesù women’s and children’s hospital in Cairo project. This attention was also reflected in the President of the Republic of Egypt's offer and allocation of the land on which the new hospital would be built, in a country with a high birth rate as well as a high rate of neonatal, infant, and maternal death.

The agreement signed by Dr. Enoc and Monsignor Yoannis Gaid states:

Providing specialized training in the field of pediatrics and neonatology to the Egyptian medical staff who will work at the Bambino Gesù Women’s and Children’s Hospital;

Children with complex and incurable diseases in Egypt; will be hosted by the hospital in Rome.

Providing remote training and qualification through the Medtraining platform for Egyptian cadres working in Cairo;

- Providing remote consultations in complex cases, through an electronic channel (Telemedicine link) between Rome Hospital and Cairo;

- Sending Bambino Gesù specialists to Egypt to train health workers in Cairo and treat and perform operations for complex cases that can be treated in Egypt without the need to receive them in Rome.

The agreement highlights that the objective of the training will be to impart knowledge/skills on specialized therapeutic and diagnostic methods. The agreement states that the Bambino Gesu Association in Cairo operates in Egypt through the Human Fraternity Foundation, which is headed by Monsignor Dr. Yoannis GAID, and is working in Egypt on the construction of the new hospital, which was designed to be a distinct edifice that offers the same level and applies the same standards as in the mother hospital, as in patient-centricity; humanization of treatment and treatment; The highest efficiency of medical, nursing and administrative staff; Using the latest equipment, medicines and, treatment methods; Providing free treatment to those who cannot afford it; Perform genetic diagnosis including non-invasive screening tests (NIPT) between BI-TEST; Continuous development of the services provided; Establishment of a scientific research center and a DNA databank, ensuring that all newborns, children and, pregnant women have the right to health, the right to medical health services, and the right to free care for those in need.

What distinguishes the Egyptian Hospital is that it is the first hospital in the world bearing the name “Bambino Gesù”, the close and continuous relationship with the Bambino Gesù Hospital of the Vatican, and the application of international standards set by the above-mentioned Committee to ensure the provision of the best medical and health care for children and pregnant women from the time of conception, through birth until their exit from the hospital.

This Agreement demonstrates the international aspect of the Bambino Gesù of Rome, the Pope's Hospital, which promotes international cooperation programs for the provision of specialized medical and surgical assistance and for the training of local health personnel in Central African Republic, Jordan, Cambodia, Paraguay, El Salvador, Libya, Iran, Ivory Coast, Egypt and is already involved in collaborative projects for the assistance of pediatric patients in areas affected by conflicts or natural disasters where the damage caused to children is greater.