London, benefit evening for the Bambino Gesù of Cairo Association


London, 15 March 2024 - A fundraising evening to raise funds for the creation of the "Francesco Mazzei School Kitchen" of the "Oasi della Piet&ag


London, 15 March 2024 - A fundraising evening to raise funds for the creation of the "Francesco Mazzei School Kitchen" of the "Oasi della Pietà" Welcome House was organized yesterday by the Bambino Gesù Association of Cairo Onlus. The President, Monsignor Yoannis Lahzi Gaid, former Personal Secretary of His Holiness Pope Francis, hosted the event at the Italian Embassy in London, with the participation and support of His Excellency Inigo Lambertini, Ambassador of Italy to the United Kingdom. Over one hundred distinguished guests attended.

The "Francesco Mazzei School Kitchen" is the result of an agreement between the "Bambino Gesù del Cairo" Association and Chef Francesco Mazzei. This initiative aims to transform the kitchen of the "Oasi della Pietà" into a cooking school, guaranteeing a professional future for the residents of the Welcome House. The name is a precious gift from His Holiness Pope Francis – a copy of Michelangelo's Pietà.

The "Bambino Gesù del Cairo" Association already runs other successful initiatives: the "Bambino Gesù del Cairo" pediatric and maternal hospital, the "Fratello" (meaning "brother" in Italian) restaurant chain offering free food to underprivileged families, and the School of Human Fraternity.

Chef Francesco Mazzei envisioned this project to involve a significant number of people. In his speech, he encouraged the participants to support the initiative and thanked everyone for their presence and contributions.

Mazzei also expressed gratitude to the sponsors who helped make this important charity event a reality.

His Excellency Inigo Lambertini welcomed everyone, underlining the importance of such initiatives. They demonstrate the human face of society and the power of generous hearts to make the world a better place.

Monsignor Yoannis Lahzi Gaid expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to speak about the "Oasi della Pietà" Welcome House, which the Association, along with many benefactors, is bringing to life. "This is a reception home for orphaned or abandoned children," he explained. "It will be a true 'Home' and 'Family' where children can live together in groups of six, entrusted to a couple of young volunteers. They will live, study, and play together, experiencing the warmth of a real family. The house will provide everything we want to give our own children."

Monsignor Gaid further emphasized, "The 'Oasi della Pietà' is a comprehensive project, designed to offer these children everything life has taken away from them. It aims to provide them with a home for peaceful growth, education, training, medical care, and opportunities for personal and professional development. Every child entering the house will be welcomed and supported throughout their stay and even after reaching adulthood. The 'Francesco Mazzei School Kitchen' initiative reflects this goal. The kitchen will be transformed into a school to teach young people and anyone interested the art of cooking, preparing them for careers in hotels and restaurants."

The elegant setting of the diplomatic headquarters, combined with the generosity of the attendees, made the evening a truly heartfelt and unifying experience.